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Jul 31, 2018

Man o man...the rats come out in the heat of the summer! In this episode we reveal some down right day trading shenanigans that border on the edge of illegal.

Allegedly, a couple of well known educators "conveniently" made some huge profits in a low float penny stock pig. Surprise, scumbag "conveniently" bought the entire float of a low floater as his best friend just happened to go long in it. Hmmmmm....

We constantly warn you all to stay away from garbage stocks like this for a reason...and the reason being... sooooo many people blew up their account because they played this piece of crap. 

Listen to this latest episode and we'll go into detail about this and another scumbag "educator" that is fooling everyone. We'll tell you what to look out for so you never have to worry about being fooled again!

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